28 Temmuz 2016 Perşembe

Toast Machine How to Repair

          Toaster Machine Malfunctions 
   In our house there are many in our toaster. Nagıt are cheesed toast this We cook the
heater machine. It comes a moment , toaster does not work would. If you are a skilled
hand holding a screwdriver , You can do the toaster repair. If the vending machine is
controlled primarily at fault insurance. Vending cable gauge of problems in the insurance
or toaster that is multimeter and plug both ends of the resistance ( phase and neutral )
 measurement makes. 30 and you do not see a resistance value of 100 ohms , the cable
open it will connect the toaster. In connection disconnection or do you have so you control
oxidation. oxidation connection can be strong even though not making good contact. Up to
the present if you can not find a problem in thermal contact with adjustable thermostat
contacts can be darkened. Never again, not here cause malfunction If you say , the ohmic
resistance of the measuring instrument. 30 to 100 ohm if you do not see the resistance value,
the resistance is broken. There are two resistors provide heating at the top and bottom of the
toaster. Generally, top and bottom heating elements are connected in series production is
performed. So one of the lower or the upper part of the resistance is defective even if the
other firm does not heat resistance on both sides. This single manufacturer On the side of
the toaster heats can not cook right cheesed toast They do so by design.