28 Temmuz 2016 Perşembe

How to tell if capacitor failure

   Polarized capacitors one vas impassable elements of electronic devices. The charging
circuit is discharged again. By place10 microfarads , 1000 microfarads of capacitors
used . filtering that act as capacitors , but also absorbs fluctuations occurring in the
AC voltage . Electronic card repair when you received late, First you should look
capacitors . When looking at the outward appearance , you will see the top side of
the electrolytic capacitor swollen head . This swelling condition, the capacitor voltage
than the power or the power circuit has occurred due to overheating . Will air holes in
the device , there must be clarity and fans , heat not only to the capacitor , Allow
components minimizes harm to other elements . Always capacitor in the breakdown
Swelling is not seen . This means that the capacitor can be defective part. How are we
to understand If you will say ; In unstable power supply output voltage , low volts of
undecided You'll see . In general capacitor it will not be difficult to predict when the
malfunction. After removing the suspect electrolytic capacitors eliminate certain by
side cutter , the warming You will find that due to dry . Capacitors 2 long strips to each
other Without contact, as are the components parallel insulating paper tape wound bed
partner . sıvıms substances is boric acid in the electrolytic capacitor plum .